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Rainbow Serpent Festival 2013

Rainbow Serpent Festival 2013 was an insane eye-opener! As a Rainbow debutant, I felt this overwhelming sense of excitement that my experience was to become a mind-blowing occurrence. Preceding Rainbow, everytime I asked what it was going to be like, all I got was a “you wait and see” answer which only made me anxiously anticipate the event even more.

Arriving Friday evening, we had the near impossible task of putting up the tent in total darkness ahead of us, but managed to assemble it rather quickly and without incident to our surprize. That night was spent in a celebratory mood, drinking ciders and cherry vodkas, proudly relishing in the fact we did a great job, before deciding to go check out the entertainment. We had set up camp in the overflow area just beyond the entrance, so that meant quite a long walk. In fact, the whole weekend was made up of alot of constant walking. We estimated we must of walked an average of at least 10ks a day!

The walk to the playground was amazing! Surrounded in pitch black darkness with multicoloured oscilloscopic lights you wore as you walked, was freaky! A magical thriving hub of wonderful havoc, the music could be heard thumping from wherever you were, psytrance mixed with dance, electro swing, funk, dub, that place was certainly serving up some tasty beats.

The Market stage was host to a wide array of artists across many genres, and seen some wild eclectic costumed characters dancing to a succession of progressive techno house fused beats. This place was definitely the spot to be dancing your ass off amongst a community of fun seekers. We just wandered in, stayed and went nuts for a while dancing to some fabulous sets. Its here you usually bump into friends, as the Market draws everyone in.

The Chill stage was my personal fave. A place to chill, relax, stretched out on lounges with hay bundles and rugs, and attractive subdued lighting, the mood there was let-loose, listening to downbeats, creating the perfect ambience to groove to. We usually ended up there after grabbing a bite to eat, the night turning chilly, chilling to the lush aural delectation. My faves were Numatica, Animatronix, Auma, Algorithm, to name a few.

Talking about chilly, that was the one thing I wasnt prepared for! When someone tells you the nights are cold, you think OK maybe 1 or 2 nights so 1 jumper is sufficient, but NO! You really need to pack a separate winter wardrobe or else freeze to death, as I had discovered Friday evening. Doesnt matter that its the middle of summer. The temperatures in the open country drop dramatically at night. You feel this as soon as the sun starts setting. My teeth were clattering and I couldnt sleep trying to stay warm. I had worn my zip up jacket, had cocooned myself in a sleeping bag, socks, but it wasnt enough. By contrast, the days warmed soon after the sun came up, so much that you couldnt stand to be in the tent for very long!

In the heat of the day, the best place to be was in the hammock jungle. A colourful sea of hammocks swinging with scores of people chilling under shaded cloth canopies. It was almost a ritual. The hypnotic sounds that drifted in formed the ideal accompaniment. mmmmm You could take a book and read, nap or just rock to the rhythm.

The many workshops and speakers in the lifestyle village were interesting. An inviting, tree filled haven, the lifestyle village was a space for creative self expression, to learn new skills, be inspired and meet new friends. Massage, yoga, art, discussions, soundsphere, solar cinema, workshops, healing were on offer throughout the 4 days. Expand Your Possibilities with music in particular, was fascinating. It explored the journey of creating music from the heart, how everything creative should come forth from the heart with passion, and instead of brainstorming, we should be heartstorming. The sounds emanating from soundsphere featured the worlds best sound healers with music as therapy.

A cozy chai tent we ended up at often was a buzzing little place. It boasted a tiny cabaret stage with quirky performers, serving the best chai and tea. During the day, there were mini tables with rugs and purple cushions to sit on under tiny colourful umbrellas, with soothing sounds, surrounded by other delish exotic stalls. The choices were many, and most times made the decision of what to eat difficult. We mainly stuck to refreshing, light meals with plenty of fluids to keep up hydration. On Friday evening, the chai tent entertained us with a cute cabaret and I even got an up close and personal lesson in sound management from the friendly ‘sound engineer’, her dials she was tweeking resembling tiny spools of cotton. The deck was no bigger than a square dinner plate, which was amazing since all the sound from the mics and instruments were plugged into it. She let me turn the dials and distort the sounds which made the band laugh at the dissonance it created. WHAT FUN!

Soon enough, we had to use the toliets which basically meant a makeshift platform divided into individual cubicles with a toliet seat and no flushing water but only a bucket of sawdust lol Surprizingly, it wasnt really that bad. Smell wise I mean. Although we did try to avoid using them as much as we could. Pissing at night behind the tent was normal it seems everyone did it! Even when out and about, one could easily find a suitable spot to release the waterworks.

On Saturday evening, the main stage was host to the Rainbow Serpent Festival Opening Ceremony which honoured the traditional custodians of the land, the Wathaurong Nation. Male and female tribal descendants performed traditional indigenous dancing around sacred chants and a smoke filled stage. Part of the ceremony also included an emotional address from Adriana Buccianti, who spoke of her son Daniel, who succumbed to an overdose at last years 2012 Rainbow. From that point on, Rainbow came alive even more. The mountain had turned into a spectacular display of weird and wonderful alternate patterns that changed often. I tried photographing this, but I couldnt get a decent picture. No, correction, I couldnt get ANY picture with or without flash, even if I got close. GRRR! bummed, as that was one of the main highlights.

Our encounter with altered states of awareness was, lets just say, quite the 4 dimentional experience. Colours seemed enhanced, the forest came alive, entering into a higher realm. Although just being at Rainbow was one massive 2 Diefortrip0mine :)

Come Monday, packing up and heading home a little sore, weary and lots filthy, we couldnt wait to jump into a long shower, use a decent toliet and sleep in a comfy bed. Ahhh, civilization!

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Miz Helenas Xmas Message

sculpture 0577

Hi everyone! Well that time of year has arrived again…yes! the festive season is almost upon us…

Most of you have seen me in the role of Santas helper in my previous videos lol which looking back on now seem hilarious! haha but I did have fun making them. This time round, I want to just be myself more [whatever that is] and hopefully a few of you can relate to my message.

This one goes out to all my twitter, FB, blip fm and now new soundcloud friends. I hope 2012 has been kind to you all and you have achieved your aspirations and goals and if you haven’t quite yet, I hope your one step closer.

This time of year has always been reflection time for me where I get to look back and smile at the good times, learn from the not so good times and begin some forward planning for the year ahead.

One of the main things I’ve learnt [or should I say relearnt and have been reminded of yet again], is not to stress over things we have absolutely no control over. As much as we’d like to control situations, sometimes they are just meant to be and decisions made are in no way attributed to us, even if they seem so and we feel that slight pang of rejection. Just take a deep breath, step back, analyse and move on. The clock keeps ticking and life is too bloody short!

So with this in mind, 2013 I have decided, will be focussing on a more personal level. Prioritizing because its the things that matter the most is what I should be immersing myself into, yet I have at times, allowed myself to stray. Its time to expand my world and experiences. A time to learn something new, branch out and meet new people, list goals and aspirations [and renew old ones] and really get to enjoy what I’m doing for a change. I know I’m only touching on things that go much deeper, but I’m certain this will steer me forward and open up my mind to explore further. Seems I have been neglecting this creative expressive side to me and before you know it, that dull stagnating feeling sets in. Not very nice UGH!

I hope 2013 will be a special year for all of you too. So, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends warmth, love and fun for the holidays and a fantastic exciting 2013.

On a final note, keep smiling and pursuing your goals and treat each other well. Much love and hugs from Mizzy.

Oh and just before I go, I made a plate of yummy xmas goodies just for you! enjoy!

see yas xxxx

Listen in to the audio version of Miz Helenas Xmas Message here

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2012 ARIA Awards

Was thrilled to secure tickets to the 2012 ARIA Awards at The Sydney Entertainment Centre, when all this time I thought tickets werent sold to the public! ARIA Awards night was soley reserved for the promoters, artists, record co executives etc of the music industry, right? WRONG!

The tickets were right up the back as I half expected them to be, securing them only a few days prior, but thats OK I said as I buzzed with excitement, at least im going!

On arrival, The Sydney Entertainment Centre corridors were awash with little black dresses and Kim Kardashian high heeled pumps. It seems the evenings association was to be amongst thousands of over made up Barbie Doll clones.

What an uphill hike it was to get seated lol aisle seat, 3rd row from the back, the stage looked tiny. Still, the excitement of award night was in the air, with thousands of screaming teenage fans. [UGH!] Nicky Minaj, Tayor Swift, 360, Guy Sebastian, Gotye, The Jezabels, The Temper Trap, The HillTop Hoods, Madden Bros, Kimbra, Jessica Mauboy, Missy Higgins were either performing [The Jezabels were fanatstic!], or announcing winners. Read a more detailed ARIA winners review here.

Gotye swooped a total of 4 ARIAs! The Jezabels, fresh from hugely successful international touring, were fanatstic live! Interesting to note, the ARIAs live uses alot of previously taped segments, esp backstage interviews, and even the audience do not escape some ads. Huge respect to Yothu Yindi for being inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. I missed the tribute Jessica Mauboy and co sang for Treaty and also it seems, Guy Sebastians Battle Scars. [BUMMER]

Following the ARIAs, there were coaches waiting to convey us to the afterparty at The Star, which I discovered were several. The fans party was at Rock Lily, the main industry [by invite only] party was at The Marquee. There was also smaller parties hosted by Sony that were private.

We were treated further to San Cisco and Alpine at the after party. San Cisco really pumped up the crowd with several funky covers. We felt like the only grown ups in the place, but it was a fun eve and the Rock Lily bartender made the meanest mojito cocktail!

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2012 F1 Season REVIEW

The 2012 Formula 1 season was very exciting with many ups and downs for all the drivers and teams. Starting off with 7 different winners in the opening 7 races, we ended up with an 8th winner and a total of 13 drivers standing on the podium.

After a chaotic start, Fernando Alonso then took a sizeable championship lead by mid year and was fending off his rivals before Red Bull finally regained their form of the previous 2 seasons and Sebastian Vettel was able to hunt him down in the championship chase before an action packed finale in Brazil where Alonso and Vettel traded the live championship standings back and forth as the race progressed.

Alonso probably deserved the championship the most as he looked to the races in Japan and Belgium where he was involved in unlucky accidents whereby he decides what cost him the championship.  But in truth, all the contenders can point to bad luck holding them back. Vettel similarly had a few accidents and a comfortable win taken away by a car failure. Webber had multiple cases of bad luck mixed in with inconsistant performances and Lewis Hamilton had almost a full season of bad luck.

Another driver looking at bad luck would be Schumacher. The early part of the year looked promising as he qualified near the front of the grid and it looked like a great season for him, however he rarely was able to finish in the early season and the car performance went downhill through the year.  But he proved that he still had the ability when he scored a pole position on a Monaco track that requires a large amount of driver input, only to be given a 5 spot grid penalty in response to a collision with Senna. What rotten fucking luck!

Schumachers teammate Rosberg picked up the win instead and he was amongst surprise winners Maldonado and returning Raikkonen while Perez, Hulkenberg and Grosjean all had the close chance to open their win accounts.

There was also no shortage of controversy.  Firstly,  a step up in the strictness of the stewards meant that incidents were no longer acceptable. Every accident was investigated and for the first time that I can remember, a driver was banned for a race. Seems crashing was no longer allowed.

Ferrari again tried to push the limits of unsporting behaviour, this time imposing a penalty relegating Massa 5 grid places just to get Alonso onto the proper side of the starting grid. Massa also was forced to sacrifice his races in the late season as he regained some form.

McLaren also tried some tricks, including  a stint in Germany when a lapped Hamilton harrassed Vettel to allow Button to pass and when they had to explain why Hamilton stopped on the circuit after gaining pole position in Spain, breaking a rule introduced to stop people from putting in too little fuel in qualifying, McLaren argued that they shouldnt get penalised just because somebody put in too little fuel. The FIA was having none of that.

Despite the controversy, the best of the sport was showcased.  There were some excellent races that ended in great drama. In Britain, Webber made a great pass in the closing stages to take the win from Alonso. In Monaco there was Webber holding back a traffic jam of cars trying to pass him. At Valencia we saw a crazy ending with passing and accidents. In Canada, we saw interesting tyre wear gambles by Alonso and Vettel to try to hold off a charging Hamilton, and finally in Brazil we saw an epic season final with Vettel coming back from the dead at least twice and snatching enough points to win a 3rd straight title

Bring on 2013

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The Pierces

Thanks to my buddys at the OAF I had won another double pass, this time to see the fabulous Pierces. The New York based [Alabama raised] band comprising of sisters Catherine [blonde] & Allison [brunette] were in town supporting Coldplay and were also playing a show of their own.

Not knowing them previously and not knowing what to expect, they were truly amazing. This weeks mood has been particularly melancholy and after listening to a few songs, I just knew this gig would be the perfect antidote.

Seems I have been missing out.

Their hazy seductive cacophonic guitars interlaced with their hypnotic vocal harmonies, the sisters had us mesmerized. Beautifully contrasted and complimentary, you could tell they had the audience in their grasp with their heart felt lyrics. ‘I Put Your Records On’ was written when Catherine was dating Albert Hammond Jr [of the Strokes] and was dedicated to anyone who has ever dated a musician [with Allison whispering "dont do it"]

An amusing light-hearted moment of the evening was when Catherine was complaining of the excess smoke effect and requested it to be turned down, which was met with Allisons playful response of “that’s so un-rock n roll of you Catherine”. LOL!

Interesting fact I learnt about this band is that Coldplay bassist, Guy Berryman, stepped in just as the girls were about to call it quits after 3 studio albums together, to team up and go to work on and produce their current album, You and I. As it turned out, You and I has had massive success in the UK, re-establishing their sisterly bond and preparing them for a fresh start. Well done girls!

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Waiting For Her Command

the exuding acridity staining the mindscape
catching Her seering stare
silently bewildered drawing in soft breath
knowing only self sacrifice and servitude
feeding from Her with starving devotion
tumultuous, ravenous soaked to the skin
saturated by a stern rain of tears
Futile, he realizes,
he will soon have his mind and body in such compromise
tensing, holding of breath
he feels Her searching for a single trace of weakness
pulling his thoughts to Her
Her smirk slowly forming a wicked grin
closing in,
sustaining piercing eye contact
the sway of full hips against the tautness of Her latex
the bounce of Her generous breast
Her heels, so erotic
and those red stained lips, oh those lips
parting ever so lusciously,
waiting for Her command

Listen in to the audio version of Waiting For Her Command

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Sadness.... Pictures, Images and Photos

Its pityful,
we can’t rewind the things we’ve been
im looking at you
unabatingly thrashing
torcherous and bare
unplugging yourself
are you longing to breathe?

delve with me
lets wash ourselves clean
even so
that feeling was somewhere sometime ago
of craving passion anew
watching each wobbly step unfold

I have my eye on pause
as the mind replays
resets and sinks
dream, dream on
thats all I have
and its madness

I wont fall without you
thats yet to come
give to me the words
that I know oh so well
avoiding because
they are the ones that undo

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Sculptures By The Sea

Went to see Sculptures By The Sea this afternoon and what a interesting exhibit it was. Quite the subjective experience, Sculptures By The Sea is a yearly [since 1997] event on the coastal walk between Tamarama and Bondi beaches. Sculptures of the weird and wonderful and innovative clever kind adorn the walkway from talented local and international artists.

I took a leisurely stroll capturing most of the quirky exhibits commencing at Tamarama right through to Bondi. It was a splendid day out, very windy but very warm, the water was a beautiful blue, the sky had not one cloud in sight and I ended up turning a slight shade of pink.

Afterward, I sat and admired the view from Tamarama and Bronte with video and images from each view below. What a gorgeous afternoon had! Enjoy the slide show!

For more Sculptures By The Sea info and a stunning galleria click here

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Husky a indie/folk band originally from Melbourne were into their “Tidal Wave” Oz tour after extensive UK/EU touring and the release of their debut album ‘Forever So’ and guess who won a double pass?

What an amazing band! Husky [Husky is also the name of the lead vocalist] takes the audience on a trip through their captivating hum-along music which arouses warmth, reminiscent of poignant memories. Husky draws you into the full experience by getting the audience to visualize scenarios that compliment them so well.

Moments to remember the spring garden and first produce, parts of ourselves that best be constrained but refuse to be and dedications to wild wonderful women, Husky captivated the crowd. It was the perfect end to the weekend.

Dark Sea, Hunter, The Woods, new song Wolf Man, a brilliant INXS cover, even more brilliant extended piano solo, had stunned the crowd. Even my companion for the evening was so impressed that he ended up purchasing ‘Forever So’ CD without knowing them previously. That made me smile. Thanks for yet another fabulous evening OAF!

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Peter Combe @ OAF

Thanks again to my good friends the OAF for a family pass, this time to see the king of the kids, multiple ARIA winner Peter Combe, and what an absolutely fun quirky performance it was!

As most Aussie kids, we grew up listening to his famous songs from the early 80′s like Toffee Apple, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Wash Your face With Orange Juice and more. It turned out even Jeans knew of him, as he had toured schools a few years ago.

The Quirky Berzerky Tour had kicked off and it was difficult in choosing which show to attend. Peter Combe also apparently has an over 18′s show [he said with raised eyebrow lol] for the fans that grew up listening to him, and he also was doing regular kids/family shows. I opted for the family matinee pass and thought it would top off a great long weekend out with the gang.

Most of his stand-out songs were sung [Newpaper Mama, Wash Your face With OJ, Tadpole, Captain Cook] with the assistance of a brilliant kids dance group, along with a couple of tracks from his most recent album, Quirky Berzerky [the Turkey from Turkey] with Toffee Apple as a stand out fave.

Following the show we went for dumplings at World Square which were yummy! First time ive had them too.

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